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Welcome to the Flying In with the Golden Eagles Podcast! Maggie Mills and Eleora DeMuth are two students at the University of Minnesota Crookston who are excited to share their experiences at UMN Crookston, give tips and tricks to new incoming students and entertain with some guests and plenty of stories along the way!


The University of Minnesota is an equal opportunity educator and employer. 

Nov 26, 2019

Tune in to this episode with special guest, Dr. Lamesha Brown, Director of Student Success and Academic Advising at UMN Crookston. Learn about UMN Crookston's success teams for students and the steps we take to ensure Golden Eagle success. 

Nov 4, 2019

Tips for Crafting your Answers for the Short Essays on our Application

We’ve made it easy for you to know how to put your best foot forward in answering our short essay questions on the application. 

We know writing your answers may sound like a chore and it takes some time, but it's an opportunity that can make a...